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Blaise is a software platform specifically designed to handle governmental and scientific surveys. Through its large user-base of statistical organizations and renowned institutes, Blaise brings together the expertise of the survey world. The IBUC is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among experts. Here specialists from different organizations worldwide present, discuss and exchange their challenges and solutions in an ever-changing survey world.

The IBUC committee wishes to bring together all kinds of survey practitioners, from systems staff, survey methodologists, survey operations personnel, project managers to Blaise developers. We would like to hear not only about your institute’s Blaise 4 and Blaise 5 experiences but also about your production of computer-assisted instruments, how your system’s capability impact survey methodology, how your systems provide for survey management needs and your experiences in getting complex instruments in the field.
Please share this call for paper with others within your organization for whom these topics may be of interest.

Topics of Interest

With the growing importance of transitioning from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5, a true multi-mode and multi-device system, the IBUC 2020 will focus on coping with the modern survey world, going far beyond Blaise as a system. This conference will be a rare opportunity for a diverse group of survey practitioners to come together and communicate their needs in one conference. Topics may be proposed within the following descriptions:

    · Expectations of a modern survey data collection system
    · (Re) training staff in an era of rapid change
    · Multilingual, multicultural, multi-national and multi-version multiple mode surveys
    · Multi-mode survey management
    · Data collection on any device
    · Usability
    · Accessibility and inclusiveness
    · Uni-mode versus Generalized Mode instrument design
    · Conducting scientifically valid surveys
    · Conducting surveys on tablets or smartphones
    · The value of modern-day technology such as sensors
    · Transitioning from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5
    · Blaise 5 experiences
    · Survey data, survey paradata, and survey metadata
    · Experiences of using paradata in an adaptive design
    · Blaise for developers

Abstracts should be 300 words or less. Please send them to The Scientific Committee will review and select papers for presentation or poster sessions; authors will be notified. All papers should follow the format guidelines provided below.