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Conference Program

Tuesday, March 31: IBUC – Day 1
Time Activity
8:15–9:00 Registration and Coffee (45 minutes)
9:00–9:20 Plenary Session (20 minutes)
    • Opening remarks by IBUC Chair, Gina Cheung–University of Michigan (5 minutes)
    • Welcome by Mr. Stavros Karagiorgis, Director, Statistical Service of Cyprus. (5 minutes)
    • Welcome by Statistics Netherlands – Harry Wijnhoven, Member of the Board of Directors and CEO Blaise, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) (10 minutes)
9:20–10:00 Keynotes: Indirect questioning in surveys.
by Professor Tasos Christofides, The University of Cyprus
10:00–10:20 Break (20 minutes)
10:20–12:00 Presentation Session 1: Blaise 4 to Blaise 5 (100 minutes)
    • The co-existence of Blaise 4 and Blaise 5 in CYSTAT (CYSTAT)
    • Structured Questionnaire specification process for Blaise 4 and challenges in its transition to Blaise 5 (Czech Statistical Office)
    • Converting Social Survey Blaise 4 questionnaires to Blaise 5; The Challenges of multi-lingual questionnaires and challenging collection environments (ONS UK)
    • The Awakening – Using Blaise 4 for Alternative Solutions (U.S. Census Bureau)
    • Continued Adventures Transitioning from Blaise 4 to 5 (US NASS)
12:00–12:30 Special session to answer questions raised in the registration form
12:30–1:45 Lunch (75 minutes)
1:45–3:15 Presentation Session 2: Blaise 5 Layout (90 minutes)
    • Using the Resource Database to control web security (Westat)
    • Using the Resource Database to adapt to session timeouts (Westat)
    • PAPI to Blaise 5 – Challenges and Solutions in Creating Complex Tables (RTI International)
    • User experience: Master/Detail alternative (Statistics Netherlands)
3:15–3:30 Break (15 minutes)
3:30–5:00 Presentation Session 3: Blaise 5 implementation (1) (90 minutes)
    • Managing a complex scenario for the collection of business report forms (Statistics Denmark)
    • Using Expressions in Blaise 5 (Westat)
    • Blaise 5 Scaling Experience (Westat)
    • Spot the difference. Automated visual testing with Blaisium (Statistics Netherlands)
5:30–6:30 Welcome Reception

Wednesday, April 1: IBUC – Day 2
Time Activity
8:00–8:30 Registration and Coffee
8:30–10:00 Presentation Session 4: Blaise 5 implementation (2) (90 minutes)
    • Evolution of Blaise Survey development in Statistics Finland (Statistics Finland)
    • The value of modern-day technology (Microsoft Azure Cloud) - Lessons learned in testing the integration of Blaise 5 to MS Azure (Stats NZ)
    • Blaise 5 CAPI in collaboration with COTS software (Statistics Netherlands)
    • DIM-Device Instrument Manager (SRC University of Michigan)
10:00–10:20 Break (20 minutes)
10:20–12:00 Presentation Session 5: Survey Management (100 minutes)
    • Data Collection Management Systems in Statistics Finland (Statistics Finland)
    • Multimode Management (M3) System (MMP Survey Services, LLC )
    • Blaise 5 in SHARE (UVT)
    • A Case Management App (CMA) for mobile/tablet devices (University of Michigan and Statistics Netherlands)
12:00–12:30 Special session to answer questions raised in the registration form
12:30–1:30 Lunch (60 minutes)
1:30–2:30 Blaise Team Presents (60 minutes)
3:00 --- Bus departure for Conference Excursion and Dinner
Thursday, April 2: IBUC – Day 3
Time Activity
8:45–10:00 Keynote: Integrating sensor and mobile app data collection into surveys
by Florian Keusch -- University of Mannheim
10:00–10:15 Break (15 minutes)
10:15–12:30 Presentation Session 6: Survey Methodology (135 minutes)
    • Towards a modern mixed-mode Labor Force Survey (Statistics Norway)
    • The efficacy of a respondent centric approach - evidence from online first random probability survey in the UK (ONS, UK)
    • Measuring housing and living conditions through respondent photos (CBS,Utrecht University, Tilburg University)
    • Using respondent centric design to transform Social Surveys at ONS (ONS, UK)
    • The power of Blaise Analytics: An example of predicting break-off behavior (Statistics Netherlands)
    • Proof of concept questionnaire design for social research: challenges and opportunities of a smartphone first approach (Statistics Netherlands)
12:30–1:45 Lunch (75 minutes)
1:45–2:55 Presentation Session 7: Data Processing (70 minutes)
    • Accessible Blaise 5 Surveys: Challenges and Solutions (Westat)
    • Using Field Properties to Assist Editors (US NASS)
    • Field Properties Values: A Tool to Identify and Adjust Missing Data from 'Relation' Extraction (University of Michigan)
2:55–3:10 Break (15 minutes)
3:10–4:30 Presentation Session 8: Accessibility, CATI and BCQ (80 minutes)
    • Blaise 5 CATI implementation at Statistics Netherlands (CBS) (Statistics Netherlands)
    • Sustainable Questionnaire Development with Colectica and Blaise (Colectica)
    • M3S Feedback (MMP Survey Services, LLC)
4:30–5:00 International Blaise Users Group Meeting/“Tony” award for IBUC papers & presentations