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Tasos Christofides
Professor Tasos Christofides is Rector of the University of Cyprus. He holds a Doctorate on Mathematical Sciences and his research interests include Probability Inequalities, Demimartingales, Stochastic Orders, Survey Methodology and Indirect Questioning Techniques. Professor Christofides was elected Rector of the University of Cyprus in 2018 following a 14-year service as Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of UCY.

Professor Florian Keusch is interim Professor of Statistics and Methodology at the University of Mannheim and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Joint Programme in Survey Methodology (JSPM) at the University of Maryland. He received his PhD in Social and Economic Sciences. His research focuses on nonresponse and measurement error in Web and mobile Web surveys, passive mobile data collection, and visual design effects in questionnaires. Visit Professor Keusch's website for more information about his research and publications.