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International Blaise Users Conference (IBUC)
3 – 5 November 2020
Elias Hotel–Limassol


Wednesday 4th November 2020

Limassol its Antiquities and Viticulture in Cyprus

The tour aims to show the uninterrupted history of the area of Limassol from the prehistoric to modern times. One focus of the tour is viticulture, a crucial agricultural activity of the area since ancient times. Visits to Kourion Ancient City Kingdom, and the medieval castle of Kolossi reflect the times when Cyprus was the stepping stone between the West and the Middle East. Omodos village will show another dimension of Cyprus, that of the agricultural and religious history of the island.

15:00 - Departure from Elias Hotel
- Drive to Kourion ancient City Kingdom (12th century B.C.)
15:30 - Visit the Greco Roman Theatre (2nd century B.C.) and the House of Efstolios (5th century A.D.)
16:15 - Drive to Kolossi Castle and visit the Castle (13th and 15th century A.D.)
17:00 - Drive to Omodos village
- Visit the Monastery of the Holy Cross
- Wine tasting in the old wine press
Free time in the village
20:00 - Dinner in a traditional restaurant
23:00 - Back to the Hotel